Life is motion. To tell a story is to document the moments of pivotal change where people and place collide. Ricky Qi is a filmmaker and photographer whose philosophy resides in the idea that life is a pendulum that wends its way through time. His work focuses on capturing the extremes of the pendulum where life is most intensely lived. 

Ricky has spent his life managing the cultural distance between his ancestry in Asia and his home in the USA; that experience became the foundation for his work on understanding the dynamics between cultures by examining the extremities of change. Whether filming or photographing subjects deep in remote areas of the world, Ricky's philosophy is to present the journey of human experience with honesty, and earnestness.

Ricky is currently based between Beijing and Los Angeles, and is a freelance director, as well as a contributor for National Geographic. Inquire: rickyqi@gmail.com

Explorer of the Year, Wild China (2015) 
Presenter, "Going Between Extremes: Life in the Pendulum", TEDxUCSD (2014)

Young Explorers Grantee, National Geographic (2012)  

For 4K and HD stock footage licensing and sales, contact Stacy Gold (sgold@ngs.org)

For 4K and HD stock footage licensing and sales, contact Stacy Gold (sgold@ngs.org)