Ricky Qi is filmmaker and photographer. After graduating from the University of California, San Diego, Ricky based himself in China, working from Shanghai and Beijing for four years as a photographer as well as a director and producer of documentaries and various commercial work.

Having spent his life managing the cultural distance between his ancestry in Asia and his home in the United States, his images have focused on documenting and presenting cultures and lifestyles in Asia, and are attempts to understand the dynamics between cultures by examining the extremities of change. His work has spanned the deserts of the Taklamakan Basin in Xinjiang to the Kham region Tibet, as well as the Hengduan Mountain Range in Yunnan and the Altai in Mongolia.

His most recent work with National Geographic was "In the Footsteps of Li Bai" which was featured in National Geographic Magazine's China Edition.

Ricky currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

For inquiries, please email: Rickyqi@gmail.com


Explorer of the Year, Wild China (2015) 
Presenter, "Going Between Extremes: Life in the Pendulum", TEDxUCSD (2014)
Young Explorers Grantee, National Geographic (2012)